Welcome to the House of Yanna - Designer, Waxmaster and Manufacturer.

Yanna has been Manufacturing Jewelry since 1987. She has worked as a free lance Wax Master Model Maker to the top Designer houses in NY for many years. Her experience as a Designer, Master Model Maker, Retailer and Teacher has given her invaluable experience in all aspects of Jewelry Manufacturing. With hands on experience she can easily guide you through your most important decisions in making a satisfying Jewelry purchase.

Her invaluable experience gives you a piece of mind knowing that your new piece of Jewelry will be of quality. Be sure that she has resources at your disposal. Best of all she delivers her expertise knowledge and service with a smile.

There are several other Websites about our company, don't forget to check us out at Blacys.com and Waxmasters.com.
If you have a special request, Contact Yanna. She is available via e-mail or phone 7 days a week.






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